Affirmation Book

affirmation book (Laura)

Dear Tina & friends,

This year I have committed to getting organized in all areas of my life. I have set attainable weekly and yearly goals for both my personal creative practice as well as for my collaborative practice with you (so great having you here in CT to do this with in person). Alyson Stanfield’s Blast Off class is helping me with this. Alyson is a vibrant gem of a teacher who believes artists can be successful when they stop making excuses for themselves and take action (her book I’d Rather Be In the Studio is a great resource). In our Blast Off class Alyson breaks things down into doable tasks allowing you to really define what success looks like in your life. She goes even further with a series of questions, worksheets and writing that allows you to consider how success will make your life better spiritually, professionally, financially, in your relationships (both personal and professional) as well as with your health. This holistic approach to the business side of art resonates with me and has given me clarity and focus.

Last week we worked on Affirmations. As I focused on my own affirmations I created 12 small paintings. Six were watercolor mediations meant to reflect the personal side of my practice and the other six were mixed media paintings which reflect the more playful exploration of ideas I often have. Taking the time to create them was joyful and fun. It helps me to focus and really feel good every time I look at them. Have you ever worked with affirmations? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments of this post. If you have never used them, might you consider thinking about them? Sending you a cheery day filled with positive energy and love, Laura

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