Vision 115: Delicate explosions of inspiration


Dear Laura,

This morning I walked out my front door and was greeted by the beautiful aroma of jasmine.  I know that if you were here you would love this flower.  Notice how the bud unfolds in a spiral pattern and how each petal is actually curved into a tube shape.  Jasmine is simply the best flower I have ever witnessed with all my senses.  I have more photos of them for your reference if you want me to send them along for your ReVision.

See you in a few days!!





Dear Tina,

I have been waiting for the fireworks after our long New England winter and my daffodils are giving me quite a show. You don’t want to miss their bright, sassy smiles before they swiftly disappear like fireflies in the night.  Last year I carefully selected new varieties to plant~soft, milky whites, fuzzy peach, sunny orange and white with lemon and lime colored centers. They remind me of the sweet scent of fresh citrus. I am in love with them all and can only hope they will continue their exquisite exhibition for you when you arrive this week! Can’t wait to see you!


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