What are your filter questions?

My lazy cats! ALL of them were making it difficult to not want to go take a nap while I was planning this week.
My lazy cats! ALL of them were making it difficult for me not want to sneak in a nap while I was planning yesterday. I opted for a walk at Bluff Point to clear my head instead.


Hello Sweet T,

How are you? First of all I want to thank you for fixing our blog!!! I don’t know what the heck happened but I was in a bit of a panic mode when I saw the lines & lines of errors and didn’t know what to do about it. You have always been so good about handling all of our techie stuff and I knew you were in Florida with the roller derby.

How was your derby bout? I saw some of the facebook pictures you posted and it looked like you awesome ladies had a great trip. I know being in the roller derby came with A LOT of hard work for you. I feel like a proud mama. I was thinking back to when I saw you play during my last visit to Charleston. I got completely filled up and emotional seeing you all buff in your hot derby short shorts and fishnets. I think you may have even had a fake tattoo of an anchor on your shoulder if I am not mistaken? This is the power of the human spirit that I love. You set a goal, trained for it, took ACTION, made the team, became a team leader and now you are “retiring” THREE years later. That is quite an accomplishment! You make me strive to be better and more diligent with my own goals.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

~George Harrison

As am learning to focus and SIMPLIFY my life I do find I am making better choices with my time (even though I haven’t perfected it yet). I have started asking myself filter questions which I learned from Marie Forleo. She describes them as:


A question that helps guide your actions and decisions on a daily basis. Filter questions will help you focus all of your time and your attention on the activities that will get you where you want to go the fastest.”


I find they help prioritize every area of my life, especially with my goals & affirmations. There are several things I want to do before you come next week and have made a plan to get them done! ~ both home projects and ideas to make our Artist Talk next week be of value to our guests. I have lots to share with you about the Opening Reception of our Studio M show but will save that for another letter this week. Sound good? Okay, bye for now…


p.s. Only 8 more days until you are here!

p.s.s. Here is a short video of Marie Forleo’s I found helpful for prioritizing: http://youtu.be/EM6saU7X4q8


To our friends, please join us:

“TWO Artists Shifting Perspectives on Beauty

Meet Laura & Tina: Friday, May 16th 5 -7pm
(artist talk at 6pm for about a half hour)

Where: Studio M, 19 Cottrell Street, Mystic CT

See you then! 

laura & tina

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