The Unexpected Surprises & Beauty of an Art Opening…



Hello Sweet T~

I think the daffodils are blooming just for you! Do you know how EXCITED I am that you are going to be here TOMORROW?!?!? Yippee!!! It has been way too long since we have seen each other. As I was organizing my thoughts for our Artist Talk on Friday this quote came to mind that I thought was fitting…


“But beauty itself is not given to us by anyone; it is a power we have

within us from the gate, a radiance inside us.”  

~Marianne Williamson



The anticipation of sharing our work together while being together gets me all pumped up. I wish you could have been here for the opening. Here are a few of my favorite take aways  from the night in no particular order.


Laura’s Favorite Memories

  • Apparently I dress like my art~who knew? (I had on a colorful, flowey summer blouse I couldn’t wait to wear. The sun had finally come out after a week of rain and it felt, lighthearted and summery~my favorite time of year.)
  • The insights people had about beauty that that added to our mini installation in the gallery. Many of them made me pause & ponder.
  • So many new and old friends who came and how much it meant to me.
  • The surprise of having someone I met while out snowshoeing this winter come to the opening and bring some of his friends to the show. So cool that we connected again! You never know where a passing conversation will lead, right?




  • How our work showcases our unique style. We each have a bold and distinctive way of seeing the world and interpreting BEAUTY. It was thrilling seeing it all together.
  • I loved watching people read our intimate thoughts and engage with our letters. Many of them shared little details they read that resonated with them or made them think of something from their lives. We have written so many letters over they years, even I had forgotten some of the details. (It would be fun to go back and find our favorites when we are together and reminisce a little).


beauty exhibition


  • The soft, white daffodils with the happy yellow centers my friend Juli & her daughter surprised me with. They were beautifully and uniquely tied with horse hair! Very cool and so fitting to see the use of this natural element in contrast with all that color~kind of like our work together!


laura with flowers



  • Having my good friend Brigitte come down from NH for the opening. She showed everyone where they could leave their thoughts on beauty, hung all of the thoughts and even created a space for our letters and ReVisions when the shelves they were placed on flew off the wall (yes this happened!). She also gave me moral support, helped me pack up everything (both before and after) and later celebrated with me back at the house with a crisp, oaky bottle of chardonnay.


My friend's Brigitte & Troy
Goofy picture of my good friends, Troy & Brigitte


  • The TWO lovely women who came towards the end of the night and shared their stories from Paris with Brigitte & I (Brigitte is and speaks French a language I wish I knew)
  • The adorable yellow kalanchoe plant my friend Sarah greeted me with. SO pretty and I have never had one.


beauty is…


  • Brett who always makes me smile when he “dresses up” by wearing his nice jeans and something other than a t-shirt. I am chuckling to myself because this may not be dressing up to most people but it is to him and I love him for doing it for me. He also surprised me with a lovely, fire for a few friends who came by our house after the show.
  • My friends Laurie & Pat who came by my house after with my favorite pizza all bubbly & hot. Wasn’t that so thoughtful? I was starving~how did they know?
  • My friend Mara, the gallery owner who was the most gracious hostess (thank you Mara!)
  • The thoughtfulness of a card given to me from my sweet friend Annie with little butterflies all over it.


The fabulous Annie Wildey with her thought on beauty.


Okay, that is all for now. Have a safe flight my dear!



To our friends, please join us for this rare opportunity to meet Tina (& Laura too!)

Here are the details:

“TWO Artists Shifting Perspectives on Beauty

Meet Laura & Tina: Friday, May 16th 5 -7pm
(artist talk at 6pm for about a half hour)

Where: Studio M, 19 Cottrell Street, Mystic CT

See you then! 

laura & tina





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