silence is my teacher…

contour daffodils

Dear Tina,

While journaling this morning I found myself writing about things I hadn’t thought about in years. I wonder why some memories come back to us and others don’t. Do you ever think about that? Anyway my mind wandered back to when I was teaching at DCS. Often times after introducing my art lesson I would start the class off with 5 mins. of silent art. This time was meant to give everyone an opportunity to transition and center themselves. I think it is hard to switch gears, rushing from class to class or one place to the next without any time to adjust to our new surroundings or our task at hand. We ask so much from both children and ourselves don’t we?

In addition to the meditative paintings I have been working on I have also been doing some blind contour drawings in a similar manner. They allow me to focus and quiet my thoughts. I am finding such beauty and insight in silence. It has become my teacher in so many ways. Because they are drawn without looking at my paper they have a spontaneity about them that I really like. I love how the lines overlap and they become little abstractions. Painting in  the shapes allows me to experiment with new color combinations. These little pink daffodils with the green background feel fresh and fun to me.


 “Our purpose is not to teach anyone anything but to give the inner teacher a chance to teach us.”

~Parker J. Palmer




Tina, I appreciated you sharing with me last week how you are present with your children. I think it is so important to model this. You made me wonder how different things would be in my classroom today with the way technology has changed so much since I was last there. I think modeling stillness and presence with children is so important. There are many ways to quiet our minds as you know. Seemingly little things like you turning off your cell phone while you are at their games or taking the time to sit in their room, talking about nothing in particular gives them a moment to really be with you and know how much you care. You are building trust and opening doors to the vulnerability of adolescence in such a beautiful way, teaching them that they don’t always have to be doing something. You are such a good parent, friend and role model to me. You remind me to turn off the endless podcasts I listen to in the studio so I can tune into myself and my work. I think we all need this time and can often feel off when we don’t have it.

“You can’t multitask presence”

~Cindy Crawford

I thought you might enjoy this short video with cindy crawford. She talks about happiness & being present in much the same way you do.

 That is all for now. Later gator….xoLaura

p.s. I signed up for Oprah & Deepak Chopras’s 21 day meditation experience. There is a sample meditation on the website. Maybe you will & our readers will join me? Would love to know what you think.

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