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process pics with Gracie

Dear Tina

I woke up early this morning with my mind twirling and couldn’t sleep. One of my affirmations this year is my mind is brilliant and clear, my soul is tranquil. I have been seeking ways to bring clarity and peace into my life and found meditation helps. I have tried it off an on for a few years but it has only been recently that it has become part of my morning ritual. I think for a long time I thought meditation was “new agey” and I didn’t get it. Now I think there is nothing too get and wonder why we are not taught this at a young age.  We know the importance of exercising our bodies, why not our minds?

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him find it within himself.” 


My friend Michelle shared an app with me called, Living in Love. It allows you to customize meditations to your own taste and time. The more I meditate the more I see the benefit of it. Jon Kabit Zinn’s sensibility comes to mind when he said, “Meditation is like tuning your instrument before you take it out on the road.” I am finding this to be true. When I start my day with a quiet mind I can always come back to this place to center myself.


gracie mae & maisy  took turns sitting on my lap while I painted. love my little girls.
gracie mae & maisy took turns sitting on my lap while I painted. love my little girls.

The meditative paintings I did in Grad school worked to quiet my mind in a similar way so I decided to try them again (I have no idea why I ever stopped). Brett was gone for the weekend and I was left with a quiet house and cuddly kittens to paint with. I got up early, organized my home set of paints (I didn’t feel like going to the studio), made a fresh cup of coffee, put my new meditation app on and painted the morning away. It was freeing to paint just for pleasure with no expectation to the outcome. I think I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself as we work towards our show. I just want it to be so special when you come and my perfectionism gets in the way. I know you have learned that perfectionism is said to be a sign of the ego and that thought has been mulling around in my head the past few weeks. All the more reason to be still and  allow the work to flow.

“Art is the conversation between lovers

Art offers an opening for the heart

True art makes the divine silence in the soul

Break into applause”


color palette

In relation to Beauty I am learning the beauty of mindfulness, slowing down, creative play and the beauty in color. I tried some new color combinations and really liked them, especially the soft blue greens. Who knows they might even show up in some new work.

By the way, I really LOVE what you are doing with resin in your studio. Maybe you can bring the molds up with you when you come? I would love to see what happens if you put flowers in them. I wonder if the color would fade. Looking forward to seeing your new work in person. Only a month away! Have a good week my friend. Cheery Smiles your way…

love, Laura

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