L2T in NYC

Dear Friends,

Who knew we would find love in New York City?

Robert Indiana's sculpture on 6th and 52nd street

This sculpture by Robert Indiana was down the street from our hotel.  There was a steady stream of people taking their pictures in front of it just like us.

We come back feeling inspired by much of the art we saw and a little shopping at a fabulous little shop called Anthropologie. Yes, we are going to make a plug for a commercial shop, but it is worth it to share their artful use of space and design. We only wish the shop gave the artists who made the work credit by putting their names next to their work. It was a delight at every turn as artful arrangements filled the space in and around their beautiful products.  This shop was unlike any experience we have had shopping (especially since we spent three hours in there!).

We snuck a few pictures while browsing…

We went to three museums in our two days;  The Whitney Museum, The Brooklyn Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art.

We would like to each share our thoughts on a few pieces that made an impression on us in our next post so stay tuned for that tomorrow.  For now we are packing up and heading to Laura’s studio for some work/play time.

~Laura & Tina~

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