Laura’s 2014 Affirmations

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Dear Tina,

A few weeks ago I taught my yearly Affirmation Book Workshop. I cannot tell you how much teaching this class fills me up. Every year it ends up being the perfect group. I am always warmed by how many people come back each year to make a new book and I always enjoy welcoming new friends. In fact, because this class filled so quickly I am thinking I may offer another class in a few months. There is real power in a group coming together, taking the time to think about the areas in their lives they wish to make improvements on and then showcasing these values in a book they created themselves. Writing also has power and these thoughtful little books honor those intentions and provides a stepping stone to focus and taking action towards them ( I do not believe you can just write them & wish them into your life).

I started an album of photographs from the workshop on my facebook Art page and will be adding to it as I get more photos edited. Each book is as unique and special as the person who created it. As for my own book I still have a few little details I wish to add before I share it (yes, the perfectionist in me is coming out here) but I really love it! I also typed out my affirmations and mounted them on some fun scrapbook paper my friend Annie surprised me with (I always think of the Zac Brown Band’s song, Sweet Annie when I think of her~she is so sweet. I can’t wait for you to meet her when you come for our show in May!). I taped one inside my writing journal and another one I have in a plastic sleeve in my favorite planner which goes with me just about everywhere. I thought I would share mine with you since I believe in giving voice to your goals and dreams….

Laura’s Affirmations 2014

I rise early each day brimming with energy and overflowing with gratitude & joy.

My mind is brilliant & clear, my soul tranquil.

My body is healthy, strong & fit.

I live with a generous, giving heart.

I am present. I listen to my intuition which guides me to opportunities & growth.

I invite creative success into my life. I reach the full potential of my talents.

Money flows effortlessly & easily into my life. I welcome financial growth & stability.

I radiate confidence, style & grace.

I have extraordinary relationships.

I live a fulfilling, organized, meaningful life.

I am surrounded by joy, beauty & love.

Only good lies before me.

*page from my affirmation book. grateful for our friendship….
*page from my affirmation book. I treasure our friendship.

I will take daily action towards them (not all at once but a few steps each day). Having spent the time reviewing and clarifying my values with you earlier in the year made them very intentional. I will share more soon!

Happy day to you…xoLaura

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