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Dear Laura,

This picture above is part of an article I wrote about what inspires me. I wrote it for Charleston Supported Art.  Head over and check it out when you have a minute.

It was good to read about your vacation.  The thing people don’t know about an artist’s life is that there are no weekends, holidays, or vacations unless you schedule them in.  It is a 24/7 pursuit.  It is much like parenting in that way.  You, especially, put a lot of time into your art practice and don’t give yourself enough credit for.  All the artist meetings, studio time, online research, writing, photographing, classes taught (and taken for your business), networking, and brainstorming new ideas sometimes get so overwhelming to the point of stress.  Then we start is all over again the next day because we actually love it.   Just keep those vacation memories alive as you dive into the more tedious tasks of an artist’s life.  I am looking forward to seeing your new website!




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