Sometimes we just need a quiet nudge…

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“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way

to make your soul grow.

So do it.”

– Kurt Vonnegut

Dear Tina,

I should have been working on my website yesterday but in between my private art lessons I painted. It wasn’t for long but I cannot tell you how good this felt. It was like I found myself again after a long hibernation. Returning from Florida I felt overwhelmed with everything I needed to accomplish. I was scattered and unfocused which was causing overwhelm as you know from our talk on tuesday. I believe the world speaks to you when you are ready to listen and after our talk I stumbled upon a website called, The Good Life Project. This is such a great project! I listened to an interview with Marie Forleo whose work has always resonated with me. In her interview she reminded me of thought leaders that have really changed my life, Eckart Tolle being one and my other new “friend” Deepak Chopra.


I needed to hear Eckhart’s belief that “you have a mind, but you are not your mind” as I was in “crazy mind”. I remembered how important it is to be fully engaged in the activity that you are in, IN THAT MOMENT.  I was all over the place; website, task list, our work, unpacking, groceries, and on it went. In the process I was taking the two day Creative Live Workshop I was telling you about and taking notes for that.  Well no wonder, right? You must be laughing right now. This was not SIMPLIFYING my life that is for sure! I am slowly finding my way back to my work, almost finishing the new affirmation book I had started weeks ago. This morning I got up, put on some soft music, wrote and worked on a little drawing for my journal along with my word, SIMPLIFY. I have been thinking a lot about the meditative painting practice I used to do almost daily but have gotten away from since I moved my studio out of the house. It might be time to return to it. That is all for now my dear. Enjoy Marie’s words of wisdom while you work in the studio today.


p.s. The sun has finally come out! :)

p.s.s. I have no idea why this video won’t embed but here is the link to the Marie Forleo interview~ SO GREAT!!!


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2 thoughts on “Sometimes we just need a quiet nudge…

  1. I’ve been overwhelmed, too, lately. So much on my plate. Thanks for the reminder to simplify and be in the moment, even when ticking off the “to dos” on the list. I love the Good Life Project. Jonathan Fields does great work and the topics are often so interesting I spend 40 minutes watching the entire interview. Too much mindfulness, maybe? LOL. I could be in the studio getting things done! Breathe dear souls!
    Michelle recently posted…20/20 is HindsightMy Profile

  2. Michelle you cracked me up! I kind of get addicted to great podcasts & videos like this. I guess sometimes we just need to be still and quite to “hear”~right? Yes, breathe…. :)

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