Under the Florida Sun…

Siesta Key with Brett

Dear Tina,

How are you? I am back from my trip to Florida. Brett & I had a delightful visit with his parents at The Villages. We took a road trip down to Fort Myers for a lovely visit with Brett’s old friend Mike from high school who surprised us by renting a lovely condo on the water in Punta Gorda for the night. I had never met him before and really enjoyed our time together.  On our way back to Brett’s parents we stopped in Siesta Key for lunch. I loved that day so much! The sun finally came out and it wasn’t raining (it had been overcast all week which was kind of a bummer~you know how much I was craving the sun). We took a nice walk on the beach which felt baby powder soft under my bare feet. The aqua blue backdrop and sunshine definitely made it hard to leave. It was an unexpected adventure on a long drive.

tulip.mail art.wm

We returned Sunday night and I am having trouble getting my groove back. Travel always does this to me but I am blaming it on the time change which means it will be “lighter later” and that spring is coming! I was thrilled to find TWO pieces of mail art upon my return~SO FUN! Those jazzy envelopes definitely stood out in the stack. I loved the AWESOME polka dotted envelope your ReVision came in as well as the lovely collage my dear friend Carol made for me. Notice how her card has polka dots too? Swoon!


orange tulip.mail art.wm.

It was weird not talking with you last week. I missed you. I am glad you have had some  focused studio time even though I am “secret jealous”~ha! I am craving the studio but will be working on my website which I can’t wait to be finished. I am getting help with it but it is so much work and taking WAY more time than I could ever imagine. By the way, I saw the new look of your website and I LOVE IT! It is so fresh and airy. Nice job girly! Catch up soon…


p.s. I love all of the podcasts you posted. I just ordered Seth Godin’s book, Tribes and Daniel Pink’s book, To Sell is Human. I forgot how much I love Daniel Pink until recently going  back and revisiting his book, A Whole New Mind. I think we both agree that book is such an important book for our time. Can’t wait to get them!

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