Together Again!

Dear Friends,

A quick post to let you all know that Laura and Tina are together in Connecticut and planning our trip to New York City.  With a new moon on our back tomorrow, we will be celebrating our time together.  The last time we were together in October we were greeted with a full moon as we walked on the beach in Charleston South Carolina (which was the inspiration for our artwork posted HERE).  It is timely that the new moon will be in place as we walk the bustling streets of the city.  We began thinking tonight during our long conversation over pizza and beer that this is symbolic of our own cyclical journey as artists.  We feel we are coming back to our roots as we began our initial correspondence two and a half years ago.

Tomorrow our plan is to continue the conversation while visiting the artists we admire such as Georgia O’Keeffe and Judy Chicago.  Pictures and thoughts to follow….

~Laura and Tina~

Laura really wanted to post this picture even though Tina thinks it is too small!
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