Vision 114 (art collaboration)

Vision 113

Hello T,

How are you? I have been dreaming of warmer weather and put this little collection together. I found the black and white picture of the sailboat at a vintage show and love how nostalgic it is. I imagine sailing is a lot of work but gratifying. I think I would love the peacefulness of the open water for a day or two. If I were to dream I would just be able to relax with a good book and a nice cocktail. Summer, I miss you so….

With the exception of the starfish all of the shells were found at Bluff Point. I especially love the soft, shiny yellow and orange shells. I am not sure what they are from but are so pretty up close. I love natures color palette and am drawn to the soft yellow and orangy hues. Yellow was my favorite color as a child. I don’t think I could pick one color now as I love them all so much. Happy day to you my friend!

love, Laura


Dear Laura,

I just read your Vision thoughts and it made me laugh because you are thinking about warmer weather and I am thinking about cooler weather!  It is so rare that we get snow and ice here that of course I had to go out and photograph it.  This is my blackberry bush in my backyard with a layer of ice on it a few weeks ago. My son picked one of these ice leaves, pulled off the fleshy part, and the ice with the imprint of the leaf remained.  You can see it in the photo below.  We were fascinated with these temporary sculptures.

Take care,



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  1. Oh, I recongnize that little Kodak photo, so CUTE! We are soo longing for Spring, but Tina’s ice Sculptures are amazing…Winter does create a wonderland!

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