ReVision 113



Dear Laura,

You are right that this Vision photo you gave me is my color palette.  While you may not be enjoying the cold up there, I do admire the beauty the snow brings.  I miss the quiet of a snowfall.  Somehow those flakes soften the sound that always brought me right to the present time.  I have been thinking about time.  Not in a negative or positive way- just noticing the time passing.  Winter’s bare trees are so beautiful to me with the way the branches create lines of time; every branch curving and reaching with each season’s growth.  I took out my gears for inspiration and drew the bare branch trees in my neighborhood.  Drawing has been very enjoyable for me lately.  I come and go from drawing, but lately it has been inviting my imagination with adding and erasing imagery.  The quality of the graphite in the Palamino Blackwing allows for this additive and subtractive technique very well.  This is totally not a product placement, but simply mentioning a pencil I am really digging for those of you who like to draw out there.  It even beats my favorite Cretacolor Monolith 6B that has been my go-to for years!

Talk with you in a few days,


LauraReVision113WEBBeauty in things exists in the mind that contemplates them.”

~David Hume


Dear Tina,

I was a little jealous seeing your Vision of the sand on the beach. We just had another snowstorm and I have been trying to keep my “island sprit” alive through these cold, bleak New England days. Let’s just say Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Buffett and the Zac Brown Band  are lifting my soul & warming my spirit. I miss the sunshine and inspiration I get from being outdoors in nature. One day I hope to be a snowbird (people who live in the north and migrate somewhere warm in the winter). Do they use that term where you live?

At any rate, even though it was freezing my need to be outdoors overtook me and I ventured out in my snowshoes for a walk at the Bluff.  I wanted to to see if the snow on the beach mimicked your sandy beach. The day was still and I was grateful to be alone with my thoughts. My mind meandered to the renewal of Spring and all the bulbs I planted last fall now nestled beneath this blanket of white. Even though I did see some beautiful snow drifts on my walk I found myself sketching flowers and using bright color when back at my studio. I wanted the soft background color in this piece to give a feeling of calm like I felt out walking in the snow and then added the pop of turquoise. The repetition of flowers is a nod to the beautiful pattern I saw in your Vision and the large flower was meant to stand out and represent the beauty that can be found in each day. Even in the middle of a cold, dreary winter there is grace and hope in the changing seasons, right?

much love your way…Laura


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