Two Years Ago…

Dear Friends,

Two years ago we began our first project together.  We began by sending our art through the mail to one another as a way of exploring correspondence as an art form.  Our only parameters were to work on a 6″x6″ paper and send the work through the mail weekly.  You may view the whole correspondence HERE at Tina’s website or HERE at Laura’s website.  This has blossomed over the years to numerous other projects including this blog, a weekly correspondence Vision/ReVision, drawing exchanges, studio collaborations, and numerous conversations about the nature of being an artist.  Please check in with us over the next few days as we take notes on our studio collaboration activities, wanderings in New York City, and conversation about the year to come.

~Laura and Tina~

Laura's first correspondence art sent to Tina in 2008
Tina's first correspondence sent to Laura in 2008
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