Vision 113

Laura's Vision 113
Laura’s Vision 113

Hello Sweet T~
I worked from home today sitting in front of the fireplace, cozy and warm. We have been greeted with a very pretty but heavy and wet snow all day today. I snuck out with my camera wrapped in a scarf and snapped this picture of the little birch tree I planted a few years back. I thought you would appreciate the snow on the bark. The grayness of the day and light reminded me of your color palette.



Tina’s Vision 113

Dear Laura,

On a mild day this past weekend I went for a walk on the beach with the boys.  I asked them to keep their eye out for something beautiful.  Of course, they were super silly and not paying attention, then we turned around to head back to our car and found that the wind behind us had made these lines in the sand.  The light lines are dry sand skipping along the edges of the darker wet sand.  Even they noticed this beautiful part of our day.


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