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Dear Laura,

I am finally working in the studio today after many days of my children having school off due to the ice storm here in the south.  This month I have been funneling my creative energy into teaching, parenting, and this crazy sport of roller derby.  Today I take a deep breath, regroup, and reset my compass back to “true north”.  I am relieved to have some solitude to reflect and create for our upcoming exhibition.  No podcasts, no music….just quiet.

I have been writing about beauty trying to sort through this large question of what it is and why (or why not) it is important.  Often this word has negative connotations for me because so many attitudes towards women’s beauty are destructive.  Women (and it’s starting with men now too) see an ‘ideal’ that is unreachable setting us all up for failure.  Who needs that crap?  I would like to say it doesn’t affect me, but it does.  I am guilty of wanting that beauty as much as the next person.  My question is why?

When we set out to get feedback from the people at the Awakening exhibit and your Open Studios event, most people spoke of an experience or emotion as beauty. Nobody spoke of this physical beauty where my mind went has been wandering lately.   Here is a peek at my initial thoughts on this topic from my journal…..


I don’t have any answers yet, but I hope to gain some new insights through creating this work.  I have decided to work with the antique photos I have and pick four to five women as subjects.  They will be hand drawn and layered with images and etched glass.  Here you can see the layers.  I have to come up with a solution to attach the glass….double sided nails around the corners are my first thoughts. The ephemeral objects I find on my walks in the neighborhood will be tucked around these drawings.  At least that is my thought today.


What are your thoughts on beauty so far Laura?

Enjoy the weekend~ Tina

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