ReVision 112: Risk and Connection


Dear Laura,

Your Vision had me stumped for awhile.  What got me thinking was this idea of risk and your description of how your cats simply jump where many of us stop, think, weigh our options, think, and then maybe jump.   I was originally thinking I would create something about my experiences in roller derby, but it felt odd to put myself in the work in that way (an image of me skating).  Roller derby has taught me so much about myself, confidence, assertiveness, risk, and how to truly be a member of a team.  Then I found this quote by T.S. Eliot which was exactly what I was thinking.  I have a big fondness for typography and often draw type in idle moments.  I even have a Pinterest Board on the subject.  As we reach farther than we ever have with our work together this year, I would like us to keep this  quote in mind.  Who knows where we will land, but I have a hunch it’s going to great!


p.s. notice the ice on my mailbox?


Laura's ReVision 112Dear Tina,

It took me some time to figure out how I was going to compliment your Vision. My first instinct was to capture the beautiful, glistening frost I see when I look out my window each morning but to tell you the truth, I am currently a little sick of the cold. I let my mind drift to WARMER places like the cruise I was on last year. I then remembered the  steamy heat wave we had here last summer.  There was one morning in particular during this spell where I had gotten up early to go for a walk at the Bluff before it got too hot. I remembered how I  could actually see the humidity in the air that morning. As I walked on the shore I noticed how the reflections of the sky on the ocean looked so magical. In trying to capture that moment these fish emerged in my painting. They reminded me once again how we are connected to everything~the earth, the sky, the sea…a circle of sorts, much like the changing seasons in New England. I am very much looking forward to SPRING!


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