Grace, Pattern, & Play



Dear Laura,

This is what I think is beautiful today….

1. Graceful water flowing with the tidal push.

2. Water droplets clinging to my banana tree leaf in the Fall.

3. A live oak tree growing for centuries.

4. Layers of peeled paint at an old abandoned building in town.

5. My boys imagining and building in the tide pools.

6. The feeling of infinite space as I stand at the edge of the shoreline.

7. This pattern.  It was carved by water and it looks like a feather!

8. This goofy face.

9. My Mom’s garden in the summer.  She is so clever about placing found and antique objects alongside her plants.


What do you think is beautiful today?


P.S. I am going to listen to Jon Kabat-Zinn’s interview you talked about the other day and let you know what I think.  He is always so inspiring!


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