Vision 25

Dear Friends,

We are getting ready to visit one another in four days!  We are posting our regular Vision for the week, but will be co-creating our ReVision.  Look for this post at the end of the week.

~Tina and Laura~

Vision 25 Laura

Hi tina~

I saw the beautiful picture of the unexpectedly icy pond  you posted on Facebook. The ice isn’t something you see in Charleston very often I imagine! Today I went out on the fire escape at the studio to look at the river as saw these lovely shapes floating like toys in a bathtub. They reminded me of my magical little cottage on the river in NH. Usually in the spring the ice would crack on the river all at once and briskly tumble over the raging falls. It happens with amazing speed and you have to race down to the falls to see it. Witnessing this breathtaking event leaves you in awe of nature and feelings of renewal and joy. This week I plan on looking closely at changes surrounding me in the natural world by using all of my senses and finding gleeful moments to celebrate. Can’t wait to see you and share what I have noticed! Three more days~YIPPEE! xoLaura

Dear Laura,

I usually try not to see what you have posted here in our Vision, but I could not help but notice your ice picture.  I was going to post my ice picture too, so as usual we are on the same page!  Yes, in fact the pond out front (that runs into the marsh so does have salt water in it) did ice over last night and the night before.  It is so beautiful how the ice forms straight lines against the curves and bumps of the water.  I am sure I will be finding these ice patterns everywhere I turn when I arrive in Connecticut in a few days!


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