As agreed on the phone the other day, we will set an intention for this coming week (and perhaps in the weeks to come we will post new weekly intentions…we will see how this goes).  It is a simple intention just to keep us looking, seeking, questioning, and reflecting throughout our busy week.   The intention is not meant as something to do on top of everything else that is one our plate, but rather a point of reflection on what is actually going on on that plate!  We will check in mid- week and on the weekend.

This week will be ‘Listening’.

This check- in may be in the form of a quick thought, a long thought, a photograph, a piece of art made in the studio, an article read in the newspaper, a conversation had, a teaching moment, a poem, a drawing, etc.

It is our hope that in this busy life, we may find solace through the simple act of friendship.  Laura and I will be writing soon, but also invite other’s to join this conversation or any other thread in this blog.


Tina and Laura

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