Meditation, Mindfulness & Laura’s Working Table

laura gaffke, "state of mind" *work in progress, 12 x 12 inches, mixed media
laura gaffke, “state of mind” *work in progress, 12 x 12 inches, mixed media

Hi ya Sweet T,

I am glad you like that I am reading for pleasure! I hope to embrace your sensibility  with reading this year. Maybe you can share some books you think I may like. I love a good page turner or books that make you think a little different. Do you think I would like Pillars of the Earth? Frederick Frank on the other hand, I have read. In fact, I have both of the books you mentioned but never finished reading Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing: Meditation in Action. I use both of these books when I teach drawing as I too believe, drawing really is a form of meditation. I have recently been giving meditation a try and am getting up a little earlier several mornings a week for this. It isn’t something I do for hours on end or every day but I do think even a short meditation helps set the tone for my day and things seem to run smoother.

I was reminded of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s book, Wherever You Go, There You Are and pulled it out to leaf through. Do you remember listening to an interview Krista Tippett did with him back when we were in Grad school? I tried to find it on Krista’s On Being site couldn’t. I did however find a new interview she did with him. I just fell in love with him all over! He always seemed so real and approachable to me. In this interview he talks about mindfulness as a way of being awake to your life which I totally agree with. Definitely worth a listen.

laura gaffke, "state of mind" mixed media, 12 x 12 inches  *currently available
laura gaffke, “state of mind” mixed media, 12 x 12 inches *currently available

I am trying to get my groove back in the studio after much time in the “planning” stages of life and business. I finally finished this painting I started before the holidays. I actually did the background a year ago while I was in NH with Michelle. I have NO idea why it took me so long! You might remember the other six paintings I have in this series? I hope to get them listed in my Etsy shop soon. They are all about keeping a positive outlook and being mindful of your thoughts, much like Jon Kabit-Zinn talks about. This painting will be in the Mystic Arts Center’s Members Exhibition which opens TONIGHT and runs until March 1st. I will be meeting up with a good friend to see it along with all the other wonderful work. I am hoping my friends, Maria, Annie, Kathy & Diana have work in the show. I forgot to ask them at my last Art Salon meeting. That is all for now. I need to get my house ready for the mattress delivery men.


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