Vision 112

IMG_6199Dear Laura,

Last week I went for a walk and the air was so thick with fog that everything was dripping wet.  I thought it was fascinating how the drips collected at the end of these pine needles and caught a glimmer of the sunlight. It was a beautiful walk.  Can’t wait to see what you create with this image.



Gracie Mae with pink rose


Dear Tina,

Living with two kittens (& Teege of course) has been VERY fun! Not only are these two little additions to our family adorable, they are very sweet, best friends, extremely entertaining, each unique and VERY curious. I snapped this picture of Gracie Mae “in the moment” feeling lucky it wasn’t just a blur (that is what my pictures usually end up like as neither her or Maisy Olive never stay still unless they are sleeping). I love their innocence and sense of adventure. They take risks without thinking about it. On any given day you may find them scaling our fireplace, climbing to the very top of the bookcases and even climbing up in the rafters of our basement where they may just decide this is the perfect spot to take a nap.  They are FEARLESS and open to wherever the moment leads them, needing only a straw or a bottle cap to make them happy. I wish to live my life this way, being present to the moment, “smelling the roses” along the way, taking more risks without fear of getting stuck in the rafters…


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