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Hello Sweet T,

How are you? We had a SNOW day yesterday and it felt like everything shut down around here. Although I had planned ahead and brought things home to work on from the studio, life took on a different pace which I chose to embrace. There was shoveling and snow blowing to be done. Seizing the day I did two things I hadn’t done in quite some time. One was snowshoeing! Unlike NH, I find snow doesn’t linger too long in CT so you need to enjoy it while you have it. The trails were barely cut at Bluff Point and few people were out, which I found quite peaceful aside from the blustery wind. I chose to think of this biting cold as making me feel ALIVE~ha! I cannot tell you how much this time alone in the wooded trails by the  sea brought me back to myself.

Later in the day as I was tidying up the house, I found myself shuffling around a book called, “Gift from the Sea”. It makes for a  great little “still life” with the beach cottage look I am currently going for in my decor. The pretty turquoise cover is actually what I initially fell in love with when I first spotted it at Nest in Mystic (I talked about this little shop when I gave you my studio tour). It has made a nice gift for friends who love the ocean as much as me.  The funny thing is I had NEVER READ IT!!! Seriously! If I had I would have sent you a copy as I know you would LOVE it! I always intended to read it but never made the time. As much as you encourage me to make time to read just for pleasure I don’t. I have no idea why, but I feel like it is so indulgent. I am always reading things to better myself, my art and my business, so reading for the shear pleasure if it never seems to fit. Totally ridiculous I know!

gift from the sea

Well anyway, last night, I cozied up with an irish cream cappuccino and opened this book that had been calling to me. Sometimes I believe things find you when most need to hear them. Honestly, almost EVERY word was something I wanted to reflect upon and make note of. I am finding this a book to savor with its rich, fluid, lyric, insightfulness. It was written over 50 years ago and is amazingly spot on for today. The author, Anne Morrow Lindbergh was married to Charles Lindbergh and happened to be the first American woman to earn a first-class glider pilot’s license~along with many other accolades which make me eager to learn more about her and her life. I am only on chapter 3 but her words resonated so deeply into my being I wanted to share a few with you.

First of all, she talked about falling under the “spell of the sea” which is a love I know we both share. She wrote, “The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. To dig for treasures shows lack of faith. Patience is what the sea teaches us.” This struck a chord for me. I could relate this to how I am always seeking new information much like “digging for treasures” instead of absorbing and appreciating all of the resources I have. I have taken so many classes, read so many books, filled myself to the brim with blog reading and information gathering yet don’t always take the time to fully absorb and utilize what I am learning. Maybe this is why simplify was the word that came to me this year. I am going to start asking myself, Is this necessary? and see how that question feels whenever I am wanting to add to my life. I am going to trust in the treasures I already have before seeking out more unless I need to. I think this can be applied to many areas of my life~home, clothing, jewelry, art materials, etc…We shall see how it goes!

My thoughts about this book go much deeper and this was just one quote but that is all for now dolly!


bluff point
This was taken across the river from my house. I love the way the light hit the railings but only had my iPhone to capture it…
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2 thoughts on “Solitude & gifts from the Sea

  1. Laura, I love this book too! I actually have a little collection of copies as I pick it up here and there when I see it at thrift stores, yard sales, etc. I have been going to the Sanibel-Captiva Islands every summer since I was about 15. I often think about Anne and her little writing beach shack and the SOLITUDE. As you already know, my word for the year is also simplify and I too am tired of digging for treasure all over the place (videos, books, FB). I look forward to seeing what comes of this word guiding my year. And I look forward to following how it affects your life as well. Looks like it is getting off to a good start! Happy New Year Laura!
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  2. Hi Shari,
    Thank you so much for dropping in and letting me know that. I have only been to Sanibel-Captiva once and have fond memories of it. You are lucky to be able to go so often! Yes, lets stay in touch with how this word guides us in the New Year! Cheery Smiles your way…Laura

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