Laura’s “One Little Word” 2014


Dear Tina,

I really love that we have followed Ali Edwards, one little word project for four years! My words in the past have been ‘mindfully aware’, ‘organize‘ and ‘diligent‘. I find having a word to focus on really helps direct my thoughts.

Although I have been thinking about what my “word” would be since you shared your word last week I was only able to get still, quiet my mind and sit with my thoughts today. We just got back from a wonderful trip to NH to be with family and friends for the Holidays. I loved seeing everyone and realized how much I missed all of them. I had a strange moment of acknowledging how much older we all were. I remember when it was my sisters, brother, cousins and I that were the “little ones” at our family gatherings. Now many of them have their own sweet little families. I was a bit nostalgic I have to say and keenly aware of where I have come, who I aspire to be and how much every moment counts.

Working on goal setting with you has really helped me put things in perspective. As you know I easily get overwhelmed, putting too many BIG ideas on my plate. I have found this leads to  stress, lack of time for planning and procrastination from not knowing where to go. I have worked a lot on time management this past year and believe streamlining my goals down to just three BIG goals will help A LOT! Thank you for modeling this for me with your goals. I can now create a road map for getting there and enjoy the journey.

Laura's "word" for 2014

My little word for the year is SIMPLIFY. I wish to simplify all areas of my life and put routines in place for making that happen. I will continue working towards eliminating clutter (I think this is ongoing, don’t you?) which will help me become clearer and less overwhelmed. I cannot tell you how electrified I am to start the New Year off having done so much initial planning with you. I look forward to all the goodness I believe will come our way in 2014!


much love,


p.s. I will check in with you on how I am simplifying my life to hold myself accountable. Thank you for always being there for me!

p.s.s. Isn’t my S.I.M.P.L.I.F.Y banner SO CUTE? My friend Michelle made it for me and I am going to hang it over my working table at the studio as a reminder to stay focused. She will be selling her letters and words in her shop soon! Here is a close up of one of the letters. They are all different. I LOVE it!



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4 thoughts on “Laura’s “One Little Word” 2014

  1. Wow are these letters cute! Just checked out the shop too! Now I will have to start thinking of my word for the new year . My word last year was “Let Go”, it really helped me release control and go with the flow of what life threw at me. I also purged alot of clutter and clothes – look out Goodwill!

  2. Sue! It was so nice hearing how your word helped you release control and “go with the flow”. I still have a few things to purge myself! Yes, Goodwill should watch out! xoLaura

  3. My word for 2015 is intention- I want to look at my actions this year and ask myself what is my intention?. <3.

  4. Amy, INTENTION is one of my favorite words! Are you familiar with Gary Zukov? He wrote “The Seat of the Soul”. Oprah did a great interview with him on Super Soul Sunday which speaks to this word very well.YAY for new intentions! Miss you girly! How is Maine? xoLaura

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