Collaborative Book Project

Collaborative Book Project (Tina Hirsig)
Collaborative Book Project (Laura Gaffke)
Collaborative Book Project left (Tina Hirsig) right (Laura Gaffke)

Were  you on the edge of your seats? I always am whenever I get the book in the mail from Tina. It usually takes me a few days (sometimes longer) to figure out how to respond visually to her image. I was thinking about the two of us together in our journey as artists, friends and collaborators. As I mused over the two woman she had collaged onto her page, I felt a universal, symbolic connection to timeless friendship. I wanted to show the sassy, whimsical side of our friendship by adding the red balloon (it shows through in the hole Tina cut into the page before~FUN!) and give a feeling of the energy that encompasses all friendship, transcending time and place. We are all surrounded by these gifts of love and just need to nurture them so they can take flight. xo laura

We would love to know your friendships are nurtured. Have you thought about this lately?

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