Open Studio pics, raffle winner & holiday inspiration

Sure, they look all cute and innocent here!
The girlies! Sure, they look all cute and innocent here!

Hello Sweet T,

How are you? All set for Christmas? I spent most of yesterday and last night getting my shopping done. I was WAY behind this year! After the Open Studio I got busy catching up on holiday stuff at home and fulfilling orders for my shop. I just sold TWO original paintings as well as most of my calendars (SO EXCITED!). I have so many new things to list in the shop and will work on that over the next few weeks. I was a little envious of bloggers like Jeanne Oliver and the friends who took part in her Holiday House Walk (TONS of eye candy over there!) who have such succulently decorated houses. I LOVE decorating but between traveling for Thanksgiving, the rush of the Open Studio shortly after and having two kittens around the house things have been a little more chaotic than normal.

Brett surprised me with a tree. Going to the tree farm together is a ritual I look forward to but I was grateful to have the extra time to catch up. Last year if you remember our living room was under construction and we had no place for a tree (the first time in my whole life) which totally bummed me out. It was worth it as right now I am cozied up in front of our new fireplace with the tree lit and a cup of coffee while writing you.

Here are the photos of the display I created for our work at the Open Studio. I used the suitcase to hold the new prints you created for our shop and to give a nod to how our Vision/ReVision Project travels.

This was the wall display I made for our work. I put a few of our collaborative mixed media pieces in the display to give people an idea of some of our other work.

Are you excited to reopen our shop? I am! Like anything I think it may take time to build up a following but feel really good about all the time and effort we put into it. I am going to “expect good things”. The prints came out really nice by the way! Thank you for working so hard on them!


I loved how you displayed our work for the “Book Meet” you took part of earlier this year and  created a similar “clothes line” look. I even got some cute new yellow and gray washi tape to hang up the corners. Thought you might like that.

L2T raffle

I tried to create a nostalgic feeling with some of my vintage items. I love the old chalk board and  little flower Sue made out of vintage sheet music. Isn’t it cute? I put the save the date announcement you made for our upcoming Exhibition in May at Studio M in an old “frog”. I always wondered why they call them frogs. Do you know?

L2T studio display

We got a nice response from our raffle. The lovely Diane Peters was our winner and will be going home with one of our new prints! SO fun to give things away! To answer the questions from the raffle, I think most people preferred the matte paper over the luster paper. Here are a few thoughts from people about what they would like to see more of on our website:


our process, where we struggle, where we feel we take bigger risks

inspirational books

artistic process

life as an artist & business materials

art materials

to stay informed of events and classes


lots of pictures and explanations of them

evolution of ideas and how they evolve throughout the process

Okay, that is all for now. Off to wrap all of the gifts I bought yesterday!


p.s. I created photo album of the open studio on my facebook page if you want to take a look.

p.s.s. I love that Maisy Olive curled up on me while I was writing this. I made her a little festive with this cheesy Santa cap. I do love these little kitties! So snuggly and worth all the mischief they cause.

MAISY O with hat

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