Tina’s “One Little Word”


Dear Laura,

I have had a beautiful week of freedom.  Freedom from teaching, parenting, errands, and even studio work.  I took this week off to rest and reflect on this past year as well as the years to come. You have really helped me clarify what I want for the next two years, why I want it, what my values are that help make decisions, and possible first steps to take in the new year.  This large organization session together every year always gets me excited for the new opportunities to come.

Last year at this time we picked a word for ourselves inspired by Ali Edward’s “One Little Word” project.  My words in the past have been steadfast, health, and fluid.  For this year, I went for a walk on the beach to think.  I am so grateful that I have this resource just a few miles away.  I feel so different there.  It helps me gain my humble perspective back if I am feeling too self important.  It inspires me and generates new ideas with the light, texture, sea air, water, and objects that wash up from the deep.  I can see and feel the infinite, which is comforting.  So, for this year my word is….


Some word association I was playing with to help me decide this was the word:

widely extended











I also like that this word is a homonym with see.  It is my intention to touch base with this word every month to see how it is keeping me in check with having a healthy perspective, seeking inspiration, and acknowledging the how life is amazing….right….now.

I am looking forward to hearing about your word Laura.

Enjoy the holidays!



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