ReVision 111


Dear Tina,

It is hard to believe I started this ReVision way back in the Fall. I remember clearly my inspiration for this piece. I was out for a walk at the Bluff thinking about your boys running on the beach without a care in the world (& without electronics). Those easygoing days seem like yesterday, yet so long ago, don’t they? Colorful, new fallen leaves of primrose yellow, cranberry crimson and chartreuse line my path. There is a certain scent in the air just before the first killing frost where summer lingers that I love. The leaves seem so free to me~free to wander, explore, and travel to new places before hibernating and becoming a part of the earth again. This colorful leaf reminds me how unique we all are, all in different places in our journey on this earth. It is a reminder to appreciate every precious ephemeral moment.

love ya!


Laura's ReVision 111
Laura’s ReVision 111





Dear Laura,

Your observation of the swan family in your neighborhood had me thinking of the ebb and flow of birds migrating this time of year through South Carolina.  While I have not seen swans in my neighborhood, I often see wood storks who are one of my favorite birds to watch glide the thermals with their white and black wings. I choose the theme of flight for this drawing in response to your Vision 111 photograph. I did some research into the wing shape, feathers, and shape the bird takes while in flight.  I wonder if the female morns for her mate if indeed he is gone?  I would have to believe this would be true given their capacity to mate for life. They are beautiful creatures.

Talk with you soon,


Tina’s ReVision 111

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