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LauraReVision6Script:108WEBDear Friends,

This is an exciting time for artists.  Let us tell you why.

WE have the power to sell our art work independent of the gallery by using the power of the internet.  Now, we don’t mean to speak in a negative way about galleries because they have pushed our work in places and in front of people we could not have done by ourselves. We both still show our work in galleries often.  In fact, we have an exhibition (in a gallery) of our collaborative work scheduled for May 2014 (more on that later).  However, there is a time and place for different types of artwork.   It all depends on what conversation you want to be a part of, understanding your audience, and having a plan about why you are putting your work in one place over another.  This plan includes supporting oneself financially, which is something that isn’t always easy to put in the equation.  Not easy because, as artists, we generally don’t want to be a copout to the industrial market scene of mass production but rather want to be contributing to culture in a meaningful, intimate way with others.  This is a tricky balance of supporting oneself while maintaining our values.

So….this is all being said to tell you how deeply we have been thinking about selling our own work individually as well as collaboratively.  Over the years we have had many requests from people to purchase our collaborative work.  Since our work is based on an intimate exchange of ideas and experiments in our studio it was not the kind of work we were willing to sell yet.  Collaborative work has been new territory for us and time was the necessary ingredient to develop our voice together.  Yes, this has taken many years- seven in fact!

Tina ReVision98WEBWe stand in a different place today.

We stand on solid ground with a vision of why we work together so well and what we have to offer our community.  It is now front and center on this website–> right there in the side bar at the top!

We are thrilled to announce that we have fulfilled your request to purchase our work!  For now, we are offering prints of our original artwork from the Vision/ReVision project. And just so you know, the money we make from these prints goes directly back into the work-  supplies, equipment, postage, software, fees, website upkeep, etc.  Anything left over feeds new ideas and projects.  Supporting your local artists is a great investment in your community and culture.  Ok…we will get off our soapbox now!

We have been talking over the past few months about how to do this with ease.  Do we make these available at our website or at one of numerous selling forums out there today?  After a lot of research we decided on Etsy.  While it has it’s positive and negative points, it is one we feel is most familiar and accessible to our audience.

LauraCherishedMomentsReVision5Script:107WEBSince you are here with us already, we wanted to give you the FIRST LOOK at what we have going so far.  We are going to make a formal marketing blast to the public in the next few weeks.  Tina has worked endlessly on researching paper, printers, archival inks, formatting, logos, and color matching to the original works.  Laura has worked tirelessly on all the labels, shipping details, packaging, tags, titles, descriptions, and marketing plan.  Phew!

We are very open to feedback on this Etsy shop, so do let us know.  You can email us at any time (link in the sidebar).  Also, if there is something you have seen from us and you want to see available in the shop we will do our best to make that happen.


Thanks for always supporting us!

Tina and Laura

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