The little details, competition & a successful Holiday Open Studio

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Maria Scaglione Photography

Hello Sweet T,

Whew! I finally feel like I can come up for air! Things went really well with my Open Studio but I am T.I.R.E.D! I spent most of today trying to replenish myself as my schedule has been really off. Between traveling to Florida for Thanksgiving and my studio prep I haven’t had time to workout and my diet hasn’t been up to par. Can we say protein bars and diet coke? Between that and a lack of sleep (I spent most of last week at the studio past midnight getting ready) I think things caught up with me today and I didn’t feel like doing too much and slept in. Brett & I were supposed to get our Christmas tree and as much as I wanted the sweet smell of evergreen and twinkly lights in the house I just didn’t have it in me and took the day off.

Maria Scaglione Photography

The perfectionist in me came out for sure and I tried my best to create a warm, welcoming space. I also wanted it to be a special night for Maria. She worked so hard getting her studio ready, helping me plan and keeping me company during those late nights. I hope these pictures give you an idea of the night. I plan on posting a detailed album on my facebook page. It is wonderful having a photographer as a studio mate! Maria took all these photos which I think are great. She is so talented!

Holiday Open
Maria Scaglione Photography


Maria Scaglione Photography
Maria Scaglione Photography

Maria is also an artist when it comes to food. Everything she made was from scratch, beautifully displayed and delicious. I especially loved how the pomegranates looked with the turquoise backdrop. So pretty! These little details make me soon. My mom brought these yummy treats that are always well received. I will have to send you the recipe for her apple cake which I ate WAY too much of! It is one of my favorites and I know you would love it too.

My moms "worth the calories" desserts.
My moms “worth the calories” desserts

This was the first year in quite some time not having guest artists which I have always loved having. I think it is always fun to meet new people and create space for others to share their art and unique gifts. This time around having just moved my studio I have to say in some ways I was excited to have my studio to myself as I settled in.

I have been thinking a lot about your last letter about the importance of artists helping one another and have always had strong feelings about this. I know some artists are competitive like you mentioned and agree that competition can be good. In fact looking to others who are more successful than me only makes me strive to be better but I also believe we can all shine and that there is enough goodness to go around. I am thrilled when you or any of my friends prosper and do my best to help by sharing their work. We can all grow our creative dreams faster this way, don’t you think?. Every time  an event, a new shop listing or a piece of our art is shared in places like facebook, instagram or pinterest it helps widen our audience and there is real power in this. You never know when someone may connect with your work. Here is to success for everyone!

Maria Scaglione Photography

I was REALLY psyched about how well received my new calendars were! People had been asking me for a larger one for some time but I hesitated to have them made mostly due to the expense but I now think it was worth it. I only did a limited edition and really love how they came out. The quality is great so they would be really nice framed when the year is up. I still have a few left along with my small calendars which I hope to sell in my Etsy Shop and give away a few for Christmas presents.

Maria Scaglione Photography
Maria Scaglione Photography

I am feeling totally filled up and loved right now from everyone’s support and although I am  anxious to share more with you I am too fried  so I will leave you with a smile….


p.s. I have pics of the display I created for our work and our new prints as well as the raffle winner which I will share next time. k? k?

p.s.s. I have been toying with the idea of opening my studio by appointment for Holiday shopping. What do you think of this?

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