ReVision 24

ReVision 24 Laura

dear Tina~

These acorns were collected over several walks at Bluff Point before the snow fell. I marveled at each one’s uniqueness while collecting them. It still amazes me that  given the opportunity something this tiny has the potential to grow into a tree. I have childhood memories of grinding up acorns and tasting them (very bitter) to make  a porridge for the squirrels. My childhood imagination allowed me to create all kinds of creations with them. Your Vision this week reminded me how all our ideas, however small have the same potential to grow into something big. As I look forward to your visit next week I will be gathering and nurturing my own seeds to share with you. xoLaura

Revision 24 Tina

Dear Laura,

In thinking about the layers you spoke of in your Vision this week, I was brought back to my garden.  I noticed that the camellia is just about to bloom.  It has bright red flowers that shine in the winter time here.   There are about fifty buds on it right now, each one tightly closed up.  Some have already started to bloom, like the one in the background. I will take another picture when it is in full bloom because they are impressive.  The link I provided above about the camellia is to wikipedia, which I just saw for the first time all the connections camellias have with creative writing, movies, and art.  It seems to be tied to the metaphor for celebrating love throughout time.  We planted our camellia for our son Aidan so that it would bloom on his birthday (which we just celebrated).   I bring this first week of the new year to a close full of celebration of life and looking forward to a good year to come.


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