Vision 24

Vision 24 Laura

Hello Sweet Tina~

Snowshoeing through the winter wonder land of Pittsburg NH this past week I came across this showy Paper Birch tree shedding its bark. I have heard they do this as they grow and find something beautiful and magical about this. The layers and textures of the bark gave me an awareness of change and growth and the beauty that comes from it. As we reflect on our work together this past year I am very much aware of our growth and am over the moon with anticipation and excitement as we dream about new endeavors. It will be interesting to see what we shed and what adds to our unique layers. Happy New Year dear friend!


Dear Laura,

My garden is full of seeds. Each small seed holds its food source and protective coating through the short winter here in hopes of giving birth to a whole new being as the earth warms in the spring.  In our recent conversations about our work together as collaborators, I am thinking about all the seeds of ideas we have for the coming year.  As I think about our studio collaboration (in ten days!) in Connecticut at your studio I would like to bring all these seeds we both have been gathering and carefully sift through them to find the ones we want to nourish and nurture together as artists.  This week I am collecting and gathering the seeds here and will pack them gently for my journey to your home next week.

Love, Tina

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  1. i collect birch bark that’s already been shed laura — it is one of my favorite trees — i had a very special one that could cradle my toddler daughter at the base of its triple trunk — i miss my tree —

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