Working Table: Laura’s new series, “Joyful Simplicity”

three apples.joyful simplicity series.wm.

I just finished this new little series called, “Joyful Simplicity”. I was inspired by the ReVision I created for you some time back. In fact I made the envelope, addressed it but never sent it to you because I knew I wanted to do something more with these apples. It seemed fitting to “ReVisit” it now as I have been so inspired by the changing seasons here in New England. Fall is a time of apple picking, pumpkins, falling leaves, hot mulled cider and drastic change in both temperature and light. It can be a magical time of year if you tune into all that is happening around you.

3 apples.joyful simplicity series.wm.

While working on these little apples phrases kept coming to me that I would write down in my sketchbook. They then ended up in the work. The more layers I added to them the more I thought about how we each have many dimensions and layers to our lives. It is always my  intention to look for the brightest parts of the human spirit and see the wonder in the world  while being sensitive to the dark, murky layers and stories that may be carried beneath the surface from our varied experiences. Does that make sense?

working table:apples, apple paintings, joyful simplicity series

By the way, I really loved the new work you created for Cone 10 Studios. I wish I could see these new pieces in person as I am sure there are so many details that don’t translate quite the same way in a photo. Your writing was so thoughtful as always. I feel at peace in nature too. Whenever I get overwhelmed with anything I go for a walk outside and I am always brought back to myself. I completely relate to your thoughts on feeling vulnerable, yet secure at the same time. Sometimes I truly feel like this moment is the most important one and it is what we do with our time and how we make each other feel that really matters.

I will be curious to see how the public reacts to both of our work. These paintings, along with three more in this series will be on view through December 22nd at the Hygienic Gallery for their ART=GIFT Show. It is always fun to see what the other artists create for this show and I am looking forward to the opening reception on Nov. 23rd from 7-10pm. Hoping to see some familiar faces out that night! I have a few more paintings to share with you later on this week. Later alligator…


p.s. I was thinking about the turquoise background in the piece you mentioned. Was that from the old door at the Noank Foundry?

p.s.s. I LOVE your new website design & I am glad you started a Facebook community page and can admit when I am ‘right’~ha!


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