Working Table: What’s New In Tina’s Studio

Tina Hirsig "Interior" 6"x8"x2". mixed mediaDear Laura,

Do you recognize the green circles in the background of this image transfer print?  Let me know if you remember.  I have been happily humming in my studio and wanted to share some photos of what has been developing.  I will be dropping these small works off tomorrow for an exhibition at Cone 10 Studios.  The work will go up on the 21st and be there through the end of the December. The opening will be December 6th for any locals who want to come hang out with me and get some gifts for the holidays.

I have been thinking about my work a lot lately; what it means and why I make it.  I have redesigned my website and started a community page on Facebook- Tina Hirsig Art (like! like!).  I am finding that people actually enjoy reading about and seeing my process.  How about that?  You are always right Laura (she has been telling me this forever).

Over the years the common thread to all of my work has been nature.  The feeling of peace I have in nature is all the inspiration I need.  It is the place that helps me keep life in perspective.  The big things that matter come to the surface.  Those big things are often what I start making art about.


These small artworks are about how the body interprets, feels, and responds with the earth. I am curious how we set up a divide between what is ‘nature’ and what is ‘human’, when really it is one and the same.  I suppose this is because we are vulnerable creatures on the earth. Mother nature can come sweep us off our feet at any moment, as seen in what happened in the Philippines. Out of necessity for survival we put up barriers to protect ourselves from the elements.  Yet, as many barriers I have (a warm house, a car, grocery stores-  I like these conveniences don’t get me wrong) I still have this deep sense of connection when I look to the sky or take a moment to watch the birds.  This tension of feeling vulnerability and security puzzles me.  It also inspires me.  The art I have been creating lately has been addressing this by juxtaposing my photographs of nature, objects found (seeds primarily), and graphic drawings from antique anatomy textbooks.

I will let you know how the public here in Charleston responds to these in the coming weeks.

Talk with you later,


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