Vision 111

swans, missing swan


Dear Tina,

I took this picture on my iPhone while out on a walk at Bluff Point. As you know l love watching the new family of swans grow from my backyard. As I understand swans mate for life so I was sad to notice that the male swan (at least I think it is) has been gone for some time. I am guessing something happened to him. This reminded me of the 5th ReVision you did in this series! Can you believe that was back in 2009?!? That ReVision is one of my favorites. You have such a wonderful way of seeing the world so thoughtfully. I loved how you showed the connection we have to something larger than ourselves even when our physical self is no longer here. Still makes me think about how fleeting life is and how I want the time I am here to be meaningful in some way.



Dear Laura,

My family went camping the other weekend to Edisto Beach and we were able to see the light transition from late afternoon, to dusk (this photo), midnight under the stars, and then sunrise.  The water and sky looked completely different every hour.  This picture doesn’t capture the look of the water that evening, but it was like like liquid mercury reflecting pinks and blues.  Just brilliant.  To see my kids running up and down the beach without a care in the world (and NO electronics) is something I will always remember.  I hope they do too.


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