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Dear Friends,

This picture was taken years ago when Laura came to South Carolina.  It has been too long since we have seen each other, but that has not stopped us from constantly emailing, texting, and talking on the phone.  We know that through our work together, it is our close friendship that sustains us.  If any of these business plans were to threaten that, we back off and will even give this up.  However, the opposite has been happening. We have been thinking deeply about our work, it’s place in the current culture of living a creative life, and how to best share that with you.

We are reimagining this website into a whole new platform for collaborative action in the world.

You will notice we have a new look.  You will see a lot change over the coming weeks.  Each time we update a new feature, page, or link we will let ya know.

We have a new title “Laura TWO Tina; Shifting Perspectives Through Collaboration”.  We would like to explain more in a future post about why this change in our name is important, but for now this is simply a brief post to invite you to come along with us.


There is so much more to come!

~Laura and Tina~




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