Vampires, Mummies & time management…


Hello Tina & ghoulish friends,

I always think of Jimmy Buffett’s, Vampires, Mummies & The Holy Ghost this time of year. Take a listen while you read this post. Whoooo hooooooaaaaaa…..

Time management is an area in my life I have always struggled with. Like most of us I wear a lot of hats (artist, entrepreneur, collaborator, blogger, wife, daughter, teacher, aunt & friend) and always felt like I was swimming upstream in a harsh current getting nowhere fast. This past February I decided I needed to make an effort to understand my habits and see where I could improve. One of my goals this year was to live a healthy, organized, meaningful life and structuring my time better would bring me peace and time for the things I really want to do.

Although I am still learning I have been diligent in my efforts and am being rewarded by as I create time for planning. Tony Robbins RPM (Rapid Planning Method) has been really helpful to me. I learned how to “chunk” things better in both my business and home life and now think in terms of what results I want. Knowing this has made all the difference in deciding what actions are most important to achieving those outcomes.


Creating special memories with friends is really important to me. I have been saying I wanted to have a harvest pumpkin carving party for years now, yet never made the time to do it. Well this year I planned ahead and made it happen. We had SO MUCH FUN! Everyone brought a pumpkin and something to share and we had hot mulled cider (with a little rum of course), warm dishes, roasted pumpkin seeds and an almost fire (it was too windy).

jack o lanterns

I honestly can’t remember the last time I carved a jack O’lantern! I had two to carve since Brett abandoned me on the actual carving. He did do a great job getting the pumpkin “guts” out for me though! My friend Laurie stepped in and helped me carve the teeth on the silly face you see above. I just love them! I think everyone showed such creativity and attention to detail. Don’t you?

What is something you have been wanting to do but have been putting off? Maybe now is the time!

Have a ghoulish week! Whhhaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaahhhhha!

love, Laura


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