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Dear Laura,

It has been awhile since I have posted my studio activity here.  I have recently updated my website,, outlining my projects for the coming year and wanted to share some collage work I included on a tab at my website.  All of these collages are all meant to be small, quick to create, and affordable for a budding art collector (between $40-$60.00).  I know we have had many conversations about creating work that fits these parameters in order to not only pay the studio rent and encourage new supporters of our work, but also to have a place to play with new materials.

Here is one example of the work:

Garage, Junque, 4"x4"x1"

Below is what I wrote at my website about these small collage works:

Thinking about how to create a daily creative practice, I have begun a series of small collages reflecting on the daily life of a suburban Mom (me).  My plan is to make these a fluid part of each day, adding little by little.   In these small works, you will find bits and pieces of my life (receipts, notes, maps, drawings, kids homework, bills, correspondence and other found or collected objects) juxtaposed with an image transfer (photograph or digitally altered photo) of my immediate surroundings and perhaps a little drawing mixed in.
The suburbs are a unique mixture of beauty and absurdity.  It is just my kind of place.  Look for reflections on garages, yards, subdivisions, strip malls, parking lots, school, drive-thru restaurants, and soccer Moms.    This smaller format will provide me an opportunity to experiment and explore with current mixed-media practices, writing, and materials.
This is the playground of my art practice.

Below are a few more images of the work.  Talk with you later Laura. ~ Tina

Garage, Box of Playballs, 6"x4"x1"

School, Worksheet on More>Less, 4"x4"x1"

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One thought on “In Tina's Studio Today…

  1. Tina~
    I love these! They are just as witty and fun as you are and I suspect even more layered with imagery and meaning than the photographs show. Nice! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next…xoLaura

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