Laura’s Studio Tour: Defining a space

studio seatingDear Tina & friends,

I am so delighted to share my new studio space with you! It is exactly the kind of space I had dreamed of; a beautiful, cozy, organized place to create, dream, gather, teach, make a mess and be inspired. I spent a lot of time contemplating how I would use the space and make the long, narrow piece of “real estate” work for me. I divided it up into zones. One for teaching, one for gathering, and one for creating my own, personal work.

laura's studio

I spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted to feel when I came here every day as well as how I wanted my students, friends and collectors to feel. When you first walk in I have some of my fine art prints, paintings and card packs on display, repurposing a bookcase I from my living room before our remodel. There is a gallery wall to display my current paintings. I am finding this helpful being able to see everything together and make connections. I have a large area for teaching one on one, private art lessons as well as upcoming workshops and retreats. The tables all break down and can be reconfigured as needed. Right now I have them covered with these fun tablecloths and placed in a circle of sorts which I think allows for conversation.

teaching area_wm


I am using the little blue vintage desk for writing thank you notes. It was a great find from Nest which is one of my favorite places to shop in Mystic. I would describe Nest as French country-meets-cottage riff on Anthropologie. I love going there just to look at their displays. They are so well curated with a nice mix of vintage and new~lots of eye candy. I love sharing their wares for gifts. Not not only will it be unique and special, but everything is so charmingly packaged. (Tina, although I suspect this shop may be slightly girly for you I think it will be worth a visit on your next visit to CT. By the way, when may that be?)

ice cream parlor nook

As you walk beyond the teaching/gallery/shop area I created two nooks, one for relaxed seating and conversation (see top photo) and a kitchen type area that I imagine using daily as well as sharing refreshments at the workshops I am dreaming up. The French ice cream parlor table and chairs came from my good friend Enid before she moved to England. It is one of my favorite pieces, not only because of the nostalgia of the set but because I think of her every time I sit here.

laura's studio chair & view_wm

I put my studio space towards the back so I can make a mess and spread out. My comfy blue chair looks out the window to the river. This is where I spend time reading, researching, sketching out new ideas and writing. I get great afternoon sun there and think it will be perfect this winter for snuggling in with a cup of coffee.

laura's studio desk

My desk is looking all proud and ready for me to create! I have been doing my best to always put things away at the end of the day so I always have a fresh start when I come in the next day. All of my organizing is paying off!

easel.inspiration wallMy easel also overlooks the river and think I am going to use the back wall as a giant inspiration board. I have one started which you can see. There is SO much more to share including, more pictures, some funny things I found in the move, studio organization ideas, feng shui for the studio, vintage finds and a few other surprises but that is all for now. I can’t wait for you to come for a visit!


p.s. We just set the date for our annual Holiday Open Studio and I would love for you to see my new space, all decked out for the holidays in person. Mark your calendars for Friday, December 6th (5:30-8pm) & Saturday, December 7th (11-4pm). Goodness will await you…

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2 thoughts on “Laura’s Studio Tour: Defining a space

  1. You really have made a good choice moving your studio to that side of the space. It is fantastic! I can’t wait to come and work with you there. How about I plan to visit once the weather warms up~ May? Seems too far away! Maybe another plan would work….let me think on it.

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