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Where is your quiet place

Dear Tina & friends,

I am a fan of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. It is a thought provoking show designed to “awaken viewers to their best selves and discover a deeper connection to the world around them.” This is exactly what it does for me. I record it and make time to watch it when I can really listen. Yesterday I took in an interview Oprah did with Mariel Hemmingway and Bobby Williams. One of the many take aways from the interview was a reflection on this question.

How do you live in rhythm with nature?

I believe being in nature is essential, by being I mean being fully present to my surroundings. Although I have been walking a lot at Bluff Point and getting my garden ready for Fall I hadn’t truly been present, distracted with my long to do lists. In essence I was not connecting with myself. I was reminded once again how important this is not only to my well being but to my growth. It came at just the perfect time.

We each have our own ways of finding peace. Some find it in church, others through running, cooking, or some other ritual. As you know I feel most at peace in my garden, walking in the woods, creating or sitting in my favorite quiet spot on the water. This is where I am able to tune everything out and listen. I awaken to the scents and sounds surrounding me and am able to hear the little whispers of inspiration that bubble up. There are always so many! I believe when we don’t slow down, our insignificant thoughts become our focus and we are unable to hear our authentic selves and therefore unable to find the peace I think we all crave.


My best ideas come in these moments, often racing towards me so quickly I have a hard time remembering them all. I now use the voice memo on my iphone to capture my ideas as they are happening and try to be diligent in taking action towards them.

There is a Michael Jackson quote I have always loved where he said,

“If I am not there to receive these ideas, God might give them to Prince.”

It made me chuckle when I first heard it. How many times have you had a great idea for something and never did anything with it? I think we all have inspired thought but if no action is taken they will go on to the next person who may show their gratitude by doing something with them. Both the interview and this quote were a reminder be still, listen, take action and share what I am learning with others.

outdoor studio

Although I finally have my new studio space all set up I have been working outdoors while the weather is so nice, finding my “rhythm with nature”. Nothing feels better!

How do you live in rhythm with nature? Where is your quiet spot? Go there, if only for a moment, if only in your mind…


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3 thoughts on “living in rhythm with nature…

  1. This is the 2nd time I’ve heard this message in 15 minutes this morning. I can take the hint. Thank you, Laura and Tina, for the beautiful reminder.
    Michelle recently posted…The MiddleMy Profile

  2. This is an awesome post….I sat outside last week, during this gorgeous weather and actually wrote in my journal. I was filled with the sounds of nature and just being in the moment…must be something in the air….

  3. Michelle & Sue,
    Thank you so much for letting me know my post meant something to you. It means so much! xoLaura

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