ReVision 109

Laura's ReVision 109: sailboat

Tina's ReVision 109
Tina’s ReVision 109

Dear Tina,

I have been thinking about your last post and the seasons changing in Charleston. You reflected on that day and how perfect it was. I have to say I have had SO many wonderful days this summer. Perfect in temperature, splendid time with friends, lovely days on the beach, meaningful conversations and many days enjoying my garden. We are leaning in towards fall and this painting is a reflection of the warmth and love I have for summer. I put a sailboat in this painting as I have always found them so beautiful and love to watch the many boats that pass by on my shoreline walks or sitting on the beach. The seem slow and peaceful to me. I experimented with some gold leaf and really like the shimmery affect it gave, much like the way the sun dances off the water. Here’s to summer, sunshine & good friends.

love ya!

p.s. The gold leaf looks MUCH better in person than in this photograph


Tina ReVision 109
Tina ReVision 109
Laura's Vision 109
Laura’s Vision 109

Dear Laura,

When I saw your pictures of the shells from your visit to Martha’s Vineyard, I gathered the shells in my house that I have collected on the beach here.  I noticed the subtle variety of lines and wanted to study them in a grid format. I am not sure why a grid, but it just seemed like an interesting composition to explore. I started by simply making lines and deciding which patterns looked better with others, then with a soft graphite pencil drew the lines dark while shading with the paper blending stump (I got this at the art store for under a dollar and this really makes a difference to move the graphite around the drawing paper). I would like to talk about pencils in a future post, so will save that nugget of information.  I then added it to a map with similar colors and lines.  I enjoyed studying the texture of one thing for an extended time.  I will probably try this again with other items in my garden.  Thanks for the prompt!


ps- I really liked this envelope I made so wanted to snap a picture for those who wouldn’t see this part of our work!


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3 thoughts on “ReVision 109

  1. I think this is one of my favorite collaborations yet! Tina I may have do this shell drawing style with my studio arts kiddos.
    Well done ladies:)
    Looking forward to what comes next

  2. Thank you Michelle! It would be interesting to see how your students would do with this type of inspiration. Tina’s shells reminded me of Georgia O’Keeffe for some reason. I love them too! Laura :)

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