Vision 110


Dear Laura,

This picture doesn’t relate entirely to this post.  It is simply to share a fun moment.  I taught my nieces and sons to flip over on the swings this summer.  Swing sets are ubiquitous in our neighborhoods simply because they are fun to ride. I think we can all agree that more fun = good.  Remember swinging at Goddard Laura? I wonder if those swings are still there?

Anyway, Laura and I are known for talking.  Hours on the phone are an easy feat.  We have dedicated Friday mornings for some juicy conversation over coffee and so far have some fantastic things brewing.  It is so important for us to dedicate this time to one another and our collaborative work.  We have BIG plans on the horizon that you can see hints of in each of our posts here at the blog.  Eventually much that you read here is going to turn into a class online (and in person) that will help YOU on your creative path whatever that might be. We are planning on releasing this in 2014.

The most important thing is that you don’t have to feel like you are an “artist” to follow along with us on the blog and as you consider joining us in our future class.  What is an “artist” anyway?  This is just one of the many topics we will cover in our class and here on the blog.  We will tell you this much about the class- it will be about collaboration.  It is what we have been practicing over the past 7 years working together and over the last 40 in our collective teaching careers.

I really didn’t start writing this post to tell you all that, but I guess I just did! I spilled the beans on our plans!  I am just so filled with gratitude to have a working partner like Laura that it is hard to keep our ideas under wraps.

Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 10.13.35 AM

OK, so let me get back to what I originally started to write this post about…our next Vision project.  We both have signed up for a postcard swap organized by Beth Kempton.  She is pretty awesome, so check her out.  How about you sign up too?  If you do, let us know and we will post your work here alongside ours in mid-October.  The parameters are that it has to have some sort of stitching and the theme “celebrate”.  Registration closes on September 25th and you have to read all the disclaimers because it requires collaboration (which is why we love it!).  We are putting this in place of our Vision/ReVision which we post bimonthly.

Our ReVision 109 will be posted next week as we finish up the details.  Laura has just moved her studio (same location, just across the hallway), which she will write about this coming week. It is hard to be working in the studio while moving a studio, however she has found that the process of organizing her space has invited inspiration.  This is definitely worthy of sharing.  I am looking forward to hearing more Laura!

Have a good weekend everyone.  Maybe find a swingset in your neighborhood and give it a go!


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