Carried away at Brimfield….

Carried away antiques

Hello Sweet T & lovely friends,

I had the most splendid day on Friday at the Brimfield Antique Show. Honestly, you could not have asked for a better day. The weather was PERFECT for Sue & I to make our twice yearly pilgrimage (we usually go in May & Sept. and skip July due to the heat).

We got up early, coffees in hand and jumped in Brett’s BIG ‘ol truck and headed out for our two hour drive. We chatted the whole way there and I relished being a passenger. Time always flies when we are together.

One thread of conversation we kept coming back to was the idea of “creating your life” as opposed to sitting back and letting it just happen.  I am still thinking about this and wondered if you had any thought about that?

Carried Away Antiques sign

Our plan when we get to Brimmy is to visit our “Brimfield Boyfriends” from Twigs & Berries Antiques and then head to Shelton field to find Carrie from Carried Away Antiques. She is one of our favorites and always an inspiration. She has an impeccable eye and an incredible flair for decorating, ven in a tent as you can see from these pictures.

Carried Away antiques step ladder

I love that she brought in all these angel hair ferns which I adore and wish I could keep alive. I am really good with caring for plants and wonder if there is some trick to caring for them?


I love the tree branch in this picture with the fall leaves added to it, as well as the old ladder. Brett recently put an old ladder he had very similar to this one in the trash and was surprised when I rescued it! I have an idea of what I will do with it at the studio.


I also really appreciated all the gourds and white pumpkins scattered about. Although I am not ready to say goodbye to Summer I have to admit I got a little Fall decorating bug.


Carrie had a slew of vintage maps tied with twine I know you would love to use in your collages. Sue bought a small one from another dealer that she is going to frame and hang in her house.

no fast dancing

This sign cracked me up! It read:


the floor is dangerous.


LSD license plate

This was another funny sign~ being from NH I had to laugh. I always loved our motto, “Live Free or Die”.

 Can you guess how much they were asking for this?

get kissed sign

Here is another sign I found so  cheery & fun!

old chairs

I scored these cool, chairs. They came from a lake house in upstate NY and reminded me of similar ones my grandparents had that were yellow or turquoise I believe. I am probably going to paint them turquoise and green. They will go on the back of Brett’s “studio shed” as I like to call it (always keep hope in my heart that he will think it’s a great idea to turn it into a studio for me ~a girl can dream, right?).

brett's truck

Well, I do have more to share with you but I am tired! As you can see from this picture of Brett’s truck WAY off in the distance with no other cars in site that we endured right until the very end. It is true, “we have more fun than anyone.” Sending you such a magnificent weekend! It is gorgeous here today and I am hoping to get out on the boat after getting all my chores done! Happy day to you!



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One thought on “Carried away at Brimfield….

  1. AHhh! I wish I went with you and Sue to the antique show. So much good stuff. I love those gears and maps for sure. This reminds me that I need to hit the flea market around here to revive my collections. I wonder if there is something like Brimfield around here? I will look into it.

    I think we definitely create a life, however I have learned to be fluid with what comes my way. Sometimes when I try too hard or push to get something to “be”, it shows in the work. Making room for creativity on a daily basis is easy. It is in the cooking and cleaning of the house, it is in the time spent listening, or five minutes to sketch or listen to poetry. Make it easy and it will be.

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