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studio*new studio space

 Hello Sweet Tina & delightful friends!

How are you? Things are a buzz for me this week after a VERY fun filled Birthday weekend! I am in the process of moving my studio!!! Luckily it is only to the other side of the big open space. As you may or may not know, my friend Millie whom I was sharing my studio with just moved home to a new, gorgeous studio she had built. I am sad to see her go but totally understand the desire to be home working, especially while her children are young. I think about how great it has been for you Tina, having your studio at home and I sincerely wish her the best! (I will miss you Millie!)

Although I truly love my present studio I have been feeling like I wanted a change so decided to spread out a bit and move to the river side of the studio. This space has been home to many wonderful artists, including the fabulous Susan Stone who was a great mentor to me when I first moved in. I am overwhelmed with ideas and possibility but first I must clean, patch the walls and do a little painting (not the fun kind). I have dreams of making this space truly special and can’t wait to share my progress with you so stay tuned!


p.s. Tomorrow is the BRIMFIELD Antique show and I can’t wait to go and be inspired by all the goodness there! Maybe I will find some cool new things for the studio!

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