Vision 109: Script Series


When we started our series on Home and Script for our Vision/ReVision project we thought it made sense to start our numbering over at one.  We have since decided to go back to a running total for this project and we are now at…..109!  Wow!  This doesn’t even count the ones we did in graduate school together (around 50ish).  That is a lot of art going through the mail.  Here is another one we would like to start and share with you all.Vision 7-Script SeriesLaura’s Vision 109

Dear Tina,

I took this picture while I was on Martha’s Vineyard. I visited the most inspiring garden that reminded me of my little NH cottage in some ways. I think it was that it was all garden and no grass. This garden was much bigger and had many different outdoor rooms that I just fell in love with. It gave me ideas for my own garden. There was a little artist studio on the property with a deck attached that I just swooned over as this is a dream of mine, to have a studio with a beautiful outdoor space.The deck had a pergola over it and was draped in crisp, turquoise fabric. Each corner of the deck had these shell garlands hanging from them. I loved the way the light hit them. They remind me of us and how we both are inspired by the sea.

Cheery Smiles your way…Laura


Dear Laura,

This is my farewell picture to summer.  The boys are fully into school, I have started my semester teaching, football has begun, and our evenings have cooled slightly. Sure signs that we are on the edge of a season shift.  This picture was taken on our family vacation in Michigan.  We took the boats out for a day on the chain of lakes near the campground. The weather was perfect that day.

Enjoy the last days of summer up north!


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