Random acts of kindness…swoon

Gail's postcard

Dear Tina,

You can imagine my surprise when I received this delightful postcard in the mail! I was just as excited as each time I receive mail from YOU! It came from a new friend I met while doing my first artist talk. Remember how nervous I was? Her name is Gail Turgeon and in the postcard she wrote,

The Mystic Calligraphers met and made postcards using your art for inspiration. The workshop was entitled, “Postcards with an Edge.” This card as a mark on it made by all at the workshop–a true collaborative piece!

How flipping cool is that? I was completely blown away! I love how our work can inspire others and makes me want to make a whole bunch to send to people knowing how good it made me feel to receive this! Thinking of you and hoping your week is going well….xoLaura


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3 thoughts on “Random acts of kindness…swoon

  1. I love this.. and I REALLY want to take one of your workshops as soon as all the stars align in my favor and our schedules magically synchronize <3

  2. THank you so much for your kind words Corinne! I would be MORE than delighted to have you in one of my workshops! Can’t wait my dear…love, Laura

  3. This is awesome! It is not hard to find inspiration from you Laura! This has me stewing on some new ideas for us….

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