ReVision 6: Script Series (108)

Hello Sweet T,

Tina’s Vision 6

How are you? I loved the picture you took on your trip. At first I didn’t know what to do with the beautiful anchor but let my mind wander to what an anchor means to me. Out of everything I wrote down I kept coming back to our friendship and what friendship means to me. The phrase “friendships anchor the soul” is what came to me. I am unbelievably blessed to have such outstanding friendships in my life and very much appreciate the divine friendship we share. I always feel listened to, understood, valued and loved. Thank you my friend…love, Laura


ReVision6- Script Series


Dear Laura,

stargazer lily
Laura’s Vision 6

I have returned recently from our annual road trip to my home town Wheaton, Illinois.  As you know my Mom is an avid gardener and has developed her garden through the decades.  Each year we go out into her garden and look at what she has growing and what has changed.  The picture of the lily given to you by your aunt reminded me that gardens are a way of collaborating.  Gardeners share, discuss, trouble-shoot, and create with other gardeners often.  For this ReVision I put my hand into some digital reworking of some of the photos I took of my Mom’s garden.  I painted letters in a spontaneous way with greens, whites, golds, and tans on watercolor paper with the intention of printing my digital collage on top.  I sent that painting right through my printer and it turned out well.  Before I sent it through the printer, I scanned the painting in case the print didn’t work.  Since it did work, I played around some more in photoshop merging the scanned painting and digital collage.   I am sending you both to see what you think.  I think I like the one with the actual painting under the print (it is the one posted below).  At any rate it was fun to merge painting with digital photography!

Enjoy your weekend, Tina



This is the painting before I put it through the printer…



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