Connections & Celebrations: Oh what a night part 3

beach party with Gary, LIsa, Michelle, Jesse, Brian & Sue

*photo by Brian Eaton

Dear Tina & friends,

Although this summer is going by so quickly I can honestly say that this has been one of the best summers ever! We spent this past weekend celebrating our friend Jesse’s 40th Birthday with a packed house of friends visiting from NH. We caught up, took our little boat over to the beach, came home and dined in the garden relishing the most beautiful sunset as our backdrop then spent the rest of the night chatting it up around a nice fire~PERFECT! I have a lot to be thankful for in my life that is for sure!

good friends

garden party table

pretty sunset sky

As if things couldn’t get better, Brett surprised me last weekend with two new additions to our family! Let me introduce Maisy & Gracie. They are sisters. Maisy is the black little one on the left who actually sports tiger stripes you can see when you look closely at her. She loves to find quiet, little nooks to fall asleep. Lately I have been finding her on our mantel bookshelf curled up behind a plant~too cute! Gracie is the black and white kitten who totally reminds me of my little Skye who I still miss so much. Gracie loves to be held. You can seriously just walk around holding her all day and Brett & I are eating it up as we have been craving an affectionate cat in our lives. They are both super sweet girls and have been providing tons of entertainment and laughs as they play and are so silly together.

kittens, black & whitekitties

Even though we had been talking about getting another cat I never expected to have TWO little ones running around! They are even getting along pretty well with Teege (our other cat bottom, right corner) which was a little bit of a worry as he has his own “personality” if you will. His eyes are a gorgeous green color and I wish they were open when I took this picture so you could see how beautiful a cat he is, even if he can be a little ornery sometimes.


“Friends” acrylic, 5 x 7 inches

One of the ongoing series I am working on is called “Celebrations” and is a direct reflection of slowing down and savoring life’s little moments like these. I thought I would share a few thoughts I had written on this topic for my show.

Today I am celebrating…..

Waking up to a room filled with sunshine,

The soft mist shrouding my garden first thing in the morning,

The way the birds dance in my birdbath when they think I am not looking,

Twinkle lights and fireflies enveloping the night sky,

Laughter of friends and family,

The crackle of a fire wrapping me in a hug,

Fresh cut flowers first thing in the morning,

Island coconut coffee and my journal to carry me off to distant places in my mind,

The stillness that graces me, giving way to creativity and growth.

Below are a few paintings you in the exhibition.

quiet symphonyin harmony wm collage

“In harmony” & “quiet symphony” mixed media

You might remember when I started these two paintings (above) while visiting Tina in Charleston this past spring. I had so much fun experimenting with new techniques and using her materials. I finished them in my studio shortly after I returned home and really like how they came out. There is seagrass and old music sheets collaged into the background. These other paintings are about the quiet moments I celebrate and treasure while in my garden and watching things change.

the wave wm

“The Wave” mixed media, 12 x 12 inches *available

whispers of the day.watermark

“garden whispers” acrylic, 6 x 6 inches (print available HERE)

this moment wm black

“A moment to Swoon” acrylic, 8 x 8 inches (print available HERE)

Italian Daydream, laura gaffke wine painting

“Italian Daydream” acrylic, 24 x 24 inches  (print available HERE)

All of these paintings are available at the Lighthouse Gallery until

August 30th. You can contact gallery director Chris Rose

for more information, 445-7626 x108

Sending you all the most magical day of sunshine & ease…Laura

*You can learn about the Affirmation Series & the Above & Below the Surface Series that are a part of the show HERE & HERE.


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