Today is THE day!

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Dear Tina & friends,

How are you? Things are wonderful around here. The sun is shining, the temperature is perfect, and I finally feel ready for the Opening of my show tonight!!! YIPPEE! I am so excited! I still need to make my goodies and put together some flowers but other than that I am READY!

I stopped by the gallery yesterday to drop off a few things and got to see all of my work thoughtfully placed in the gallery. SO EXCITING! Chris Rose, the gallery director has been a dream to work with. He puts so much time and effort into everything he does and I am so very appreciative. He even took the time to write the most lovely review I have ever received. It actually made me tear up. I wanted to share it with you and keep it as a gesture of kindness as well as a reminder to never stop striving to be better.

“After 12 Tattoos exhibit, Laura Gaffke takes the Gallery in a completely different direction with her show, Connections & Celebrations.  Her work is a celebration of the good she sees in the world and how the connections she makes in her art reflect those celebrations we all experience. Laura graphically illustrates her message using bright colors and themes of living life to the fullest by making heartfelt connections.

I have never seen Laura frown. I do not think she is capable. As she explained her journey to the place she is now, I was amazed at the discipline she has developed and the focus on her message of seeing the good in all she encounters. This is a special person, and artist with a message we can use and adopt to make our own world a more reflective and joyous adventure.”

Chris Rose, Gallery Director

WOWZA, right? I don’t think it gets better than that! I only hope I can live up to this and that my show is well received. Here is a little peek at one of the gallery walls….

affirmation paintings in gallery

Okay, I am off to get crack a lackin’ at my chores. I will leave you with a picture of Brook, Chris’s cute, cute dog who I am kind of in love with. Seriously, can you resist this face greeting you at the gallery? Hope to see you tonight! I will be there from 5-8:00pm. More details HERE. Be there or be square! Happy day to you all!

love, Laura

brook the cute dog

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3 thoughts on “Today is THE day!

  1. I hope the evening went well! Thinking about you all last night. Let us know how it went!

  2. Thank you so much Leslie & Tina! It was a really special night! Photos coming soon, promise! xoLaura

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